Compression Socks & Hosiery

Improve circulation and relieve tired achy legs with Compression Socks & Hosiery.


Toronto Compression stockings are socks and hosiery that improve circulation to help control swelling and relieve tired achy legs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer any questions you have. Listed below are the most frequently asked.

Can I benefit from compression stockings?

People who have or are experiencing any of the following conditions can benefit from wearing compression stockings:

  • Expectant mothers
  • Tired, aching, fatigued legs
  • Swollen feet, ankles, and legs
  • Mild to moderate swelling
  • Varicose and spider veins
  • Stand or sit for long periods
  • Frequent travelers
  • Overweight
  • Other conditions as recommended by a doctor

How much support do I need?


Mild support designed to help relieve:

  • tired, aching legs
  • minor ankle and leg swelling

(Medically referred) Moderate support designed to help relieve:

  • moderate ankle and leg swelling
  • leg swelling during pregnancy
  • other conditions as physician recommended

(Medically referred) Firm support designed to help relieve:

  • moderate to severe ankle and leg swelling
  • other conditions as physician recommended

Do insurance plans cover compression stockings?

Yes. The majority of Toronto workers have partial or full coverage for compression stockings through their workplace health plans. Most insurance plans require a medical physician’s referral for reimbursement.