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Providing Physiotherapy in Downtown Toronto For Over 15 Years

Speed up your recovery. Regain your health with Emkiro.
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Get better with physiotherapy. Emkiro’s physiotherapists can help you regain your mobility, improve your strength, and prevent injury.

Our team is made out of physiotherapy experts who use manual therapy, acupuncture, and corrective exercises to help those suffering from physical problems arising from disease, illness, injury, and aging.

Emkiro’s physiotherapists rely on their training and expertise to assess the physical condition of each patient. They work with you to assess your problems and implement a treatment plan that can improve your quality of life.

Emkiro’s team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to educating our patients and their families on how to lead healthy lifestyles that prevent injuries or make injury recovery easy. They can help you plan and implement safe and effective fitness programs, and they can help speed up your rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Fees

Initial Appointment
Follow-Up Treatments
Physiotherapy treatment is eligible for direct billing.
If you’ve got a benefit plan, your insurance provider will cover most, if not all, of your physiotherapy expenses.
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Get Better With Our Trusted Physiotherapists

At Emkiro, we strive to provide the best possible treatments for our patients. Our team of physiotherapists is made out of highly experienced professionals who are committed to finding the root cause of your problems and helping you make a full recovery.

Our physiotherapy specialists are registered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. They’re always up to date with the latest research and incorporate it into their practice.

You will work directly with your physiotherapist every time you visit Emkiro’s Physiotherapy Clinic. Our experts work with their patients without using aids or assistants. This helps them gain a better understanding of your problems so they can help you make a faster recovery.

Emkiro’s Physiotherapy Clinic is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, right at the corner of University Avenue and Wellington Street. Being just steps away from St. Andrew and Union Stations, Emkiro is easy to reach by car or public transport.

Emkiro’s Physiotherapists in Downtown Toronto

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Tasneem Patla - Toronto Physiotherapist

Tasneem is registered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private clinics, geriatrics, fall prevention, cardiovascular and acute neurology.

  • Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy
  • Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement
  • Peripheral & Spinal Therapeutic Taping
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Hina Jawed - Toronto Physiotherapist

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Regain your health and mobility. Leave your pain behind.

Do the things you love.
Our team of health professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best healthcare solutions for your injury or condition. Our specialists collaborate to find pain treatments that are second to none. We strive to make our services accessible to everyone, which is why we bill insurance.

Book a physiotherapy consultation and start your journey toward a pain-free life.
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Is Physiotherapy Right For Me?

Emkiro’s physiotherapy team has helped thousands of people recover from illness and regain their mobility. Our team cared for professional athletes, performing artists, fitness enthusiasts, and stay-at-home moms with the same dedication. We take pride in finding out the root cause for our patients’ problems and helping them overcome pain to make full recoveries.

Our experts have treated a wide variety of conditions, including:
Sports injuries
Neck pain
Back pain
Shoulder pain
Shoulder instability
Knee injuries
Muscle strains
Meniscal knee injuries
Degenerative disc disease
Herniated discs
Sports hernias
Labral tears
Pre and post natal conditions
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Frozen shoulder
Stress fractures
Carpal tunnel syndrome
ACL injuries
Chronic pain
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Total knee replacements
Urinary incontinence
Postural dysfunctions
DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis
Pre and post operative rehabilitation
Achilles tendonitis
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Rotator cuff injuries
And More...

Find Out If Physiotherapy Can Help Your Condition

Book an in-person or virtual consultation with one of Emkiro’s experts and find out if physiotherapy can help with your condition.
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Physiotherapy FAQs

How Can Emkiro’s Toronto Physiotherapists Help Me?

Emkiro’s physiotherapists practice a drug-free approach to medicine. Physiotherapy can be beneficial for many who suffer from musculo-skeletal conditions of the back or neck, or joint pain such as hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows or shoulders.

What Can I Expect On My First Physiotherapy Appointment?

Your Emkiro Physiotherapist will begin with an extensive assessment that may include health history, evaluation of pain and movement patterns, strength, joint range of motion, and other orthopedic tests.

Based on this assessment, your physiotherapist will work in partnership with you to develop an individualized treatment program and prognosis.

Expect your physiotherapist to guide you in performing therapeutic exercises. Your progress will be monitored at follow-up visits and your physiotherapist may adjust your treatment according to changes in your body.

What Should I Wear To My Initial Assessment With The Physiotherapist?

Patients should bring comfortable clothing that allows the physiotherapist easy access to the area of concern.

What Techniques Will The Physiotherapist Use?

Your Emkiro Physiotherapist’s therapeutic treatment plan will involve education, exercise, and manual therapy components. Depending on your condition, this may include mobilization, manual therapy, work hardening, techniques and modalities to reduce pain, demonstration of therapeutic exercise, and education about your condition, treatment plan and prognosis for getting better.

By combining the principles of evidence-informed practice, evaluative skills, clinical and professional judgment, your physiotherapist will work closely with you, and often with other Emkiro health care professionals, to ensure that your health goals are met.

Does Physiotherapy Involve Exercises?

Yes, your Emkiro Physiotherapist can prescribe therapeutic exercises to improve range of motion, muscle strength, posture and gait.

A therapeutic physiotherapy exercise program will be designed to address your individual health concern, and may involve exercises that can be done at Emkiro, home, or at the gym.

To assist your recovery or maintain your functional independence, your physiotherapist may also prescribe assistive supportive or mobility devices, such as joint braces or crutches.

What Education Does A Physiotherapist Have?

Prior to entering practice, physiotherapists must graduate with an entry-level Master’s degree from a physical therapy education program at one of 14 accredited universities in Canada.

In order to practice in Ontario, physiotherapists must be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Do Insurance Plans Cover Emkiro Toronto Physiotherapy?

Yes. The majority of Toronto workers have partial or full coverage for Physiotherapy through their workplace health plans. OHIP does not cover these services (unless age under 19 or over 65). The physiotherapy patient is provided with a detailed itemized receipt listing the services provided, the credentials of the Emkiro Toronto Physiotherapist, as well as payment details for reimbursement.

Emkiro now offers direct insurance billing for your convenience.

Do I Need A Referral To See A Physiotherapist At Emkiro?

Some insurance companies require a note from a physician for reimbursement purposes. Check with your insurance provider. 

Can I Play An Active Role In My Health Care?

One of the most crucial parts of a successful physiotherapy treatment plan is what the patient does outside of the clinic. Ask your Emkiro Toronto Physiotherapist about exercises you can do to maintain and optimize your own health.

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