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Why Athletes Need Orthotics?

Last Updated: October 26, 2018

1. Relieve Pain

Being involved in regular physical activity can cause added stress on your bodies muscles and joints. This can often be painful and distressing. However, athletes can greatly benefit with custom orthotics as they help support the entire body. Custom orthotics are built to ensure that your feet are correctly supported. They relax the pressure that is put on your feet and thus, help relieve the pain throughout the body.

2. Added Comfort

For athletes, it is important to ensure that their equipment and gear is comfortable. Custom orthotics are built according to the unique structure of your foot as opposed to the basic over the counter orthotics. The added comfort of custom orthotics will ultimately allow the athlete to perform better.

3. Correct any Pronation

When the feet are improperly supported, the weight is distributed unevenly and can lead to the occurrence pronation. These issues can be the cause of chronic ankle sprains if not taken care of. Athletes with pronation should consider custom orthotics as this will allow them to correct these issues.

4. Injury Prevention

When your feet are correctly supported you have more control of your body and movements, which is essential for athletes. With the use of custom orthotics you are at a lower risk of injury as your feet are supported. Also, custom orthotics can help you recover after an injury as they gradually allow your tissues and bones to adapt after an injury.

5. Added Balance and Pressure Distribution

Athletes require having tremendous balance skills in sports such as figure skating, ice hockey or even soccer. Custom orthotics support your feet in all the right areas to provide you with added balance. Over time, this will correct the structure of your foot and will improve your overall balance. Custom orthotics can also effectively distribute the pressure in your feet. With your entire bodies weight resting on your feet, it is important that the feet are correctly structured to endure the body weight. Custom orthotics can gradually alter the form of your feet to be able to distribute and sustain such pressure.

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