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What do orthotics cost?

Generally a quality pair of custom orthotics coats around $500, but prices can vary depending on the quality of the orthotics and manufacturer. In the custom orthotics industry you usually pay for what you get. When it comes to quality fabrication, it is recommended to always use a trusted, established orthotics vendor. Most insurance plans cover most of the cost, however make sure you are able to get the appropriate insurance required documentation.

Emkiro has been providing quality custom orthotics for over 17 years and is affiliated with the largest orthotics lab in North America. Emkiro’s Chiropodist foot specialist can provide all necessary paperwork required for insurance. The cost of custom orthotics at Emkiro (70 University Ave, Toronto) is $500. Call 416-977-7474 or book online at emkiro.ca

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