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What are the 3 types of orthotics?

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

We generally recommend the following three types of custom orthotics, due to the most commonly worn footwear:

Dress Flex / Fashion Flex Custom Orthotics

These are the thinnest, most slim custom orthotics that we provide. These orthotics can easily slip into most work shoes, dress shoes and/or heels, while providing enough arch support daily.

Sport Flex / Athletic Custom Orthotics

These are the most robust custom orthotics that will fit into most athletic and running shoes, providing maximum support. While they aren’t the thinnest, athletic footwear provides more room for a perfect fit to get you back in action with full support. These are perfect for sports and gym shoes. Additionally for long distance runners, we recommend the Run Flex option which provides additional shock absorption during running.

Super Flex / Multi-purpose Custom Orthotics

These are the combination middle ground custom orthotics. Not too thick. Not too thin. They’re just right for most casual sneakers and footwear.

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