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Godofredo Physiotherapist Emkiro Toronto

Godofredo Aquino, PT


Kinesio Taping Provider
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
*NEW* Shockwave Therapy

Godofredo has over 13 years clinical experience treating Orthopedic, Musculoskeletal, Sports injuries, Geriatric, Post-op conditions, and Motor Vehicle Accident patients.

He has Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from University of Baguio, Philippines. In his practice, he specializes in utilizing:

-McKenzie technique
-Mulligan technique
-McGill Method Certified Practitioner
-Kinesio taping
-Advanced Soft Tissue Release
-Sports Specific Rehabilitation

He is an avid fitness enthusiast with so much interest in Crossfit that he incorporates Crossfit principles into his active treatments. Godofredo also works well with the elderly and has 7 years clinical experience working in a City of Toronto long term care facility.

His hobbies are playing tennis, swimming, mountain biking, crossfit, reading on plant-based diet, and cooking. Godofredo’s favorite movie is Forrest Gump, with a belief that “Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you’ll gonna get.”


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