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10 Reasons to See a Chiropodist Near You

Ankle and foot problems can be informed by an array of reasons. Common causes include chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. However, even everyday situations like poorly fitting shoes or overuse could also lead to temporary and acute pain.

Chances are high that you’ll get a speedier diagnosis and treatment referrals from a podiatrist or chiropodist. These professionals provide comprehensive medical care for different foot problems as well as those touching on the lower leg and ankle.

Chiropodists or podiatrists not only diagnose but also treat different illnesses and perform surgeries. Consult with the best chiropodist in Toronto if you’re suffering from any of these conditions.

Here are the top 10 reasons to see a chiropodist:

  • You’re starting to run regularly
  • You feel joint pain in your feet or ankles
  • You have diabetes
  • Heel pain is limiting your activities
  • You have a stubborn ingrown toenail
  • You suspect a sprain, strain, or broken bone
  • You need foot surgery
  • You have bothersome corn or callus
  • You have a painful bunion
  • You think you have athlete’s foot—and it isn’t going away

You’re Starting To Run Regularly

People who run regularly may experience aches and pains including shin splints. A chiropodist will assess your body first, bring to light the problematic areas and offer appropriate solutions. The professional can identify and advise on the best type of athletic shoe for your feet.

You Feel Joint Pain In Your Feet Or Ankles

Do you suffer from stiff joints as well as swollen, red, or tender joints? This is another reason to see a chiropodist. Arthritis is a common problem facing many Americans. This condition is quite serious as it can lead to disability as well as alter your feet’ functionality.

For those with arthritis, seeing a podiatrist or chiropodist is a necessity. The professional help with treatment is meant for joint health thus allowing you to go through your day comfortably without pain.

You Have Diabetes

Once you suffer from diabetes, you’re set to get foot problems. Such problems range from serious infections to dry skin. It is advisable to get your feet examined by a podiatrist or chiropodist once a year especially if you are diabetic.

Visits to the podiatrist or chiropodist lower the risk of having your legs amputated. Studies show that these checkups reduces the amputation risk by up to 50%.

You Have A Stubborn Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is simply a nail growing into the skin. It might cause pain and infection. Usually, ingrown toenails occur on the big toe. When you notice signs of redness or drainage, you should visit a podiatrist.

In serious cases, the doctor may remove part of the nail. For cases that are not serious, your doctor may prescribe some medication. In case there are signs of an infection, you will get medication too.

You Suspect A Sprain, Strain, Or Broken Bone

Sprains, broken bones, and stains at the ankle or foot cause pain. These are best treated by a chiropodist. Achiropodist will assess the injury and suggest different forms of treatment to alleviate the pain. To speed up healing, they may put you on a flexible cast.

Some of the serious signs to be on the lookout for include redness, pain, swelling, and having trouble putting weight on your foot. Ensure you visit a chiropodist in such cases.

Heel Pain Is Limiting Your Activities

Heel pain is caused by a variety of factors. A heel spur, which is a bony growth on the heel, is one of the common causes. Inflammation to a tendon connecting to the heel might also cause pain. Having consistent heel pain requires a checkup from a professional..

When on such a visit, expect x-rays and a foot exam. These are diagnostic techniques that determine the treatment required.

You Need Foot Surgery

Often, surgery is the last option for many foot problems. However, when necessary, a podiatrist or chiropodist will recommend it. Podiatrists carry out surgery on the foot or ankle. There are specific conditions that may require surgery including bunions, broken bones, and recurring ingrown toenails.

You Have A Bothersome Corn Or Callus

Calluses and corn are quite common within the population. Corns and calluses are simply skin built-up that becomes painful when they get too thick. They make it necessary to visit a podiatrist or chiropodist near you. Cortisone injection prescribed by them can reduce your pain and ease your situation.

In serious conditions, the skin build-up is reduced using a surgical blade. The good thing is that this procedure is painless because the skin cells are dead.

You Have A Painful Bunion

A bunion is a bump that occurs at the base of the big toe. This bump is caused by the joint or bone of the toe being out of place. Untreated bunions tend to worsen and cause much discomfort. In serious cases, surgery may be recommended.

In less serious cases, the chiropodist may recommend other options such as medication, tapping, or padding.

You Think You Have Athlete’s Foot—And It Isn’t Going Away

The athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that occurs between the toes. This condition makes the skin between the toes itchy and scaly. Usually, antifungal creams acquired over the counter may cure the condition. However, in some cases, it still does not go away. When this happens, it is important to visit a chiropodist.

A chiropodist or podiatrist may recommend oral medication and application creams. Infection caused by bacteria may warrant antibiotics which will be prescribed.

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