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Perfecting Your Posture

Last Updated: November 24, 2017

Poor postural habits are closely related with pain in the upper back and neck. Finding a way to prevent the pain from coming on is the difficult part. Finding a way to get it treated once it has already occurred is the easy part. There are several solutions to the problem but you’ll have to actively take part in developing your care, attention, and strength in the weaker muscles to help yourself. Here are symptoms that are related to poor posture related pain:

• Constant neck pain and stiffness
• Upper back hunching over while at the desk
• Recurring headaches that happen during work but better after work hours
• Constant need to ‘fix’ your posture

How can a chiropractor help?

• Alleviate the muscles that are affected by stretching it out
• Using soft and deep pressure into the muscles to get more blood flow
• Move the joints and muscles that are feeling stiff to achieve better range of motion

How can you help at home or at the office?

• Strengthen your back muscles with rowing exercises and breathing techniques
• Strengthen your serratus anterior muscle with a theraband (under the discretion of your chiropractor)
• Take more frequent breaks every 30 minutes – go for a walk, get some water for 5 minutes at a time
• Be more mindful of your work station and ensure that your legs and arms are at 90 degrees, the phone/keyboard/mouse is not too far of a reach and make sure that your back is against the chair
• Use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball between shoulder blade muscles to rub any aching muscles
• Use heat if your pain is chronic (over 3 months) or ice if it’s a fairly fresh complaint

Of course if you have any concerns or questions, it is definitely helpful to have a posture check with your Toronto Chiropractor!

– Dr. Dao