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Orthotics for Pronation

Last Updated: January 7, 2019

Pronation refers to the normal side-to-side movement of the ankle. Pronation occurs naturally within the feet as you run or walk. However, many people may suffer with over-pronation or supination. This refers to the excess rotation of joints moving inward or outwards. With the use of custom orthotics, pronation issues can be managed or remedied.


Over-pronation in the ankle often occurs when the ankle continues to roll inwards and downwards while walking. Over-pronation typically arises simultaneously with flat feet or can affect those with very flexible feet. This often places larger amounts of pressure on the big and second toe as they take on the pressure to push off the ground. Over-pronation can lead to improper shock absorption in the feet. It can also cause instability or balance issues. The added pronation of the ankle can cause excessive rotation, which can cause pain in the heel and knees.

Orthotics are essential for treating over-pronation as they help stabilize and support the heel. This prevents the ankle from excessively rolling inwards, which is the cause of over-pronation. Custom orthotics are uniquely designed according to the specific structure of your foot and help you manage pronation issues. For issues such as over-pronation a custom orthotic with a deep heel cup is the most effective. This is because it will prevent the feet from laying flat.


Similarly, supination is a structural problem and can occur when the ankle joints excessively roll outwards. This can often be caused by genetics, injury or even improper footwear. Supination can often increase the amount of pressure on the edges of the feet, which can cause pain or discomfort whilst walking. If you suffer with excessive supination, you are at a greater risk of having high arches.

Custom orthotics are designed to control the motion of your feet. They can help stabilize your feel whilst relieving any pains or discomfort. They are designed based on your exact needs and measurements to provide you with the most effective method to treating structural issues. High-arched custom orthotics for supination are essential as they provide added support for your feet. They also help distribute the pressure evenly across the feet, which is essential to managing pronation issues.

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