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Orthotics for Athletes

Last Updated: January 7, 2019

1. Improved Balance

Custom orthotics are designed to support your feet in all the places that you need. While playing sports it is important that you have exceptional balance. Improper balance can impact overall performance. Custom orthotics improve balance and stability as they are designed according to the unique structure of your feet. In combination with stability shoes, custom orthotics can help you improve performance by providing added stability and balance.

2. Weight Distribution

Your feet are the base of your body and endure the total weight daily. Thus, if the weight is improperly distributed, it can cause pain and potentially affect the overall structure of your feet. Custom orthotics help effectively distribute the weight and pressure in your feet. If you are an athlete that suffers with flat feet or high arches, you should consider custom orthotics. This is because these structural problems can cause you pain and can impact your performance. If not taken care of these pronation issues may lead to other problems such as knee or back pain as well.  Thus, an even distribution is important for sports players or athletes as it can impact their performance during sports.

3. Injury Prevention

The risk of enduring an injury is much higher for those who play high-impact sports. This risk is minimized when using custom orthotics. This is because they are specifically designed to provide added stability and support the overall foot structure. Custom orthotics are entirely customized based on the structure of your feet as well as your needs. They can also be made with various different features selected according to your preferences. Some of which include a lightweight design, increased cushioning or even a harder base shell for increased support.

4. Added Comfort

Playing sports can often be tough on the body due to excessive exertion of energy. Many athletes experience pain, especially within the feet. High-impact sports such as running or soccer can damage the foot structure due to the added shock. Custom orthotics are developed with added cushioning exactly where you need it. This makes it easier to play long games on the court or the field.


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