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Five Reasons Why You Need Custom Orthotics In Toronto

Last Updated: May 28, 2018

Below are Five Reasons Why You Need Custom Orthotics In Toronto:

1) Emkiro Custom Orthotics Reduce Pain

Emkiro Custom orthotics can help individuals who suffer with pain in their back, hips or knees, ankles and feet. Emkiro custom orthotics can help you manage pain from conditions like arthritis, flat feet : pes planus, high/low arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, patellofemoral syndrome, shin splints, and heel spurs. Studies have shown that 75% of North Americans experience various sorts of foot problems. Using Emkiro custom orthotics in Toronto can help manage and even correct these problems.

2) Emkiro Custom Orthotics offer Custom support. 

Emkiro’s Custom Orthotics help spread the pressure of your body right across the base of your feet, thus providing a more stable foundation supporting your body and spine. For individuals who work long hours or are athletically involved, it is essential to have your feet well supported, as they are the primary foundation of your body. Emkiro’s Custom orthotics can also contribute to realigning the spine, which can thus improve overall balance.

3) Emkiro Custom Orthotics provide Custom function. 

Ensuring that your feet are well supported and looked after can improve their overall function. Thus, over time it is natural for your feet to increase in mobility as they become well supported. Athletes can also benefit from Emkiro Custom Orthotics as they reduce the pressure that is put on the feet during athletic performance. This is due to the orthotics absorbing the shock from physical activity.

4) Emkiro Custom Orthotics are the result of Complete Customization. 

Emkiro’s Custom orthotics in Toronto are designed based on your unique needs and foot structure. Your Emkiro Custom Orthotics expert health provider will take a history that discusses your lifestyle, needs or preferences and evaluate any athletic involvement. This will be followed by assessing your unique foot structure. Taking into account these findings, your Emkiro health provider customize options for your pair of Emkiro custom orthotics.

5) Emkiro Custom Orthotics vs. Over the counter foot insoles?

Using Emkiro custom orthotics is far superior to buying over the counter shoe insoles. This is because foot insoles found in drugstores are made based on a general foot structure and they may not be the best fit for your specific foot structure and mechanical needs. Emkiro Custom Orthotics are customized and personalized based on your prescription and measurements.  Furthermore, Emkiro Custom Orthotics allows more options to customize your orthotics based on your style or preferences.

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