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Can you buy orthotics over-the-counter?

Last Updated: November 24, 2022

It is important to distinguish between over-the-counter foot insole supports and true custom-made foot orthotics.

Over the counter foot supports

These are foot inserts that you can buy at your local drug store that are usually padded with some cushioning and gel and made to feel comfortable under the foot. However these are not corrective orthotics. These are simply padded shoe inserts that may provide temporary relief. While they are low in price and can be better than no support at all, most foot, ankle, knee, and low back conditions will not resolve with this type of non-custom, mass produced insole. If possible, and especially if you have workplace health benefits package that has coverage, it is highly recommended to go with the Custom Orthotics option.

Custom-made Orthotics

When your prescription is properly measured and provided by a reputable, quality provider, custom orthotic devices are highly effective at providing arch support which supports body weight and alignment all the way up the spine. A biomechanical and gait analysis is necessary to ensure the customized orthotic is exactly made to your specifications to take pressure off some areas, while supporting others. This is why the effectiveness of custom orthotics is backed by clinical research and evidence, and is also why insurance plans provide coverage.

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