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fitting orthotics on a patient

Are orthotics covered?

Last Updated: November 29, 2022

Most insurance plans have partial to full coverage for custom orthotics. It is important to note that proper documentation must be obtained and submitted in order to be reimbursed.

Accepted insurance documentation generally involves the following 4 items:

1. Medical or Chiropodist Referral Note for Custom Orthotics with Diagnosis

2. Biomechanical Examination information including casting method, raw materials used

3. Receipt of Payment

4. Proof of Manufacturing

At Emkiro there are two types of health practitioners that are trained and certified to provide quality Custom Orthotics:

a. A Licensed Chiropodist: A foot expert who treats and manages various conditions of the foot. No MD referral is ever required for insurance reimbursement when seeing a Chiropodist for Custom Orthotics.

b. A Licensed Chiropractor:  A spinal and biomechanics expert who treats and manages various neuromuscular and spinal conditions. A referral prescription note from an MD or Chiropodist is generally required for insurance reimbursement when seeing a Chiropractor for Custom Orthotics.

Emkiro’s customer service team is able to contact participating insurance companies on your behalf to determine your annual coverage for Emkiro’s health products and health services, as well as provide detailed information and documentation to ensure you’re being reimbursed.*

Call us at 416-977-7474 to schedule your orthotics appointment as soon as possible before the cut-off date December 16, 2022. (This is the last date of orders that the orthotics laboratory can guarantee final manufacture of the orthotic before the end of 2022).

*Please note: Ultimately all products and services are paid for and purchased by the client regardless of third party coverage.  Emkiro does its best to help provide information to its best ability but is not responsible for insurance non-payment. Read and understand your coverage. Our insurance coordination specialist is also available to help guide you.