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Daniela Glaser


Clinical Social Worker

Daniela holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Toronto Metropolitan University, and carries many years of experience working within the scope of mental health and wellbeing. She centered her research on the experiences of Latinx women. Daniela works with children, adolescents, individuals, and families who have faced trauma, anxiety, difficulties with changes, amongst other difficulties stemming from transitions and trauma. She supports her clients through embarking on a healing process where conditioned thoughts and behaviours rooted in survival and trauma are unlearned and released through an integrative approach. She work from a Trauma-informed lens and combine a variety of evidence-based practices with holistic practices. Daniela believes in connecting with all aspects of the self in the process of healing through acknowledging our physical, intellectual, emotional and soulful/spiritual selves when building coping tools after experiencing changes and reclaiming the self. Daniela will provide a safe space where self-compassion and resilience is honoured and built on. She also hold years of experience in working with BIPOC communities. Daniela can provide services in Spanish as well.

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