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Updates to Services
Our downtown Toronto office is open to patients with added health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Virtual treatment and service options are also available - learn more.

Sports Injury & Wellness Services

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Virtual telemedicine treatment and management for chronic pain relief (OHIP-covered)
icon naturopathic medicine
Make health your priority. Improve your health & wellness with Emkiro's Lifestyle Medicine Program
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Improve your balance and mobility. Physiotherapy helps you manage pain and speeds up your recovery process.
icon chiropractic health
Regain your joint mobility, physical function and health. Soothe your lower back pain with chiropractic adjustments.
icon motor vehicle accident injuries
Regain your health after motor vehicle accidents. Get customized treatments for your injuries.
icon registered massage therapy
Enhance your muscle function and improve your circulation. Massage therapy reduces your stress levels and stimulates your lymphatic system.
icon naturopathic medicine
Experience the healing power of nature. Treat your ailments with natural remedies.
icon acupuncture
Treat muscle pain and regain your joint mobility. Acupuncture strengthens your physical and mental wellbeing.
icon active release techniques manual therapy
Relieve muscle pain and correct your mobility issues. Active release therapy helps you get rid of soft tissue restrictions.
icon custom foot orthotics
Relieve the pressure on your feet and joints with custom orthotics. Redistribute your weight with precision-crafted orthotic insoles.
icon compression socks
Reduce leg pain and swelling. Compression socks and stockings improve your circulation and relieve leg pain.

Virtual Services Options

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Virtual Practitioner Consultation

Speak to one of our expert health care providers for free over the phone and get treatment recommendations for your injury or condition.
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Virtual Naturopathic Consultation

Questions? Speak to our naturopathic doctor at no charge to discuss.
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