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Dr. Dan Dao Chiropractor Emkiro Health Toronto

Dr. Dan Dao, DC


Dr. Dan Dao is a board certified chiropractor, acupuncture practitioner, and muscle release therapist. Prior to making Emkiro his home, Dr. Dao has been in both private and public practice where he treated patients at a university health centre focused in treating high-level performance athletes. His areas of special interests include: neck pain and headaches, rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder, concussion management and spinal complaints.

His passion to become a chiropractor began over a decade ago in his role as a patient. Understanding the importance of physical fitness and general health has helped him overcome his own injuries and paved way into his aspiration to become a chiropractor. Dr. Dao spent over 8 years earning his degrees in health sciences and chiropractic medicine in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Dao’s experience with a variety of patient demographics and injuries, taught him that every patient is different even if they may present to the clinic with similar complaints. His unique approach combines multiple therapies, which include muscle release therapy that induces deep pressure to an affected area while simultaneously stretching the muscle, acupuncture, post-injury muscle scar blading, and chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Dao’s true focus is returning his patients to their favourite activities whether it is getting back into competitive soccer, working at the desk without debilitating headaches, or just being able to walk up and down the stairs pain-free.

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